3D bintang is an established sign company that specializes in design and fabricationof BUSINESS SIGNS , OFFICE SIGNS, 3D SIGNS, reception and lobby signs aswell as exterior BUSINESS signs. We are engaged in custom design and fabricationin the form of 3D Signage. By nature of the word 'custom', our corporatebusiness sign systems are totally unique.

3D lettering (built up lettering), adds a measure of sophistication and style to yourbusiness, or shop signage. They can be used externally or internally to greateffect.

Individual profile cut letters are manufactured from a wide selection of materials,eg: Stainless steel, Anodised Aluminium, Brass, Acrylic, MDF board and Polystyrene.Whether laser cut or routed the result is a three dimensional sign with visualimpact. Lettering can be manufactured with or without returned edges andcolours can be matched to your own requirements. Available in a wide varietyof sizes and colours.

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