3D bintang is an established sign company that specializes in design and fabricationof BUSINESS SIGNS , OFFICE SIGNS, 3D SIGNS, reception and lobby signs aswell as exterior BUSINESS signs. We are engaged in custom design and fabricationin the form of 3D Signage. By nature of the word 'custom', our corporatebusiness sign systems are totally unique.

3D lettering (built up lettering), adds a measure of sophistication and style to yourbusiness, or shop signage. They can be used externally or internally to greateffect.

Individual profile cut letters are manufactured from a wide selection of materials,eg: Stainless steel, Anodised Aluminium, Brass, Acrylic, MDF board and Polystyrene.Whether laser cut or routed the result is a three dimensional sign with visualimpact. Lettering can be manufactured with or without returned edges andcolours can be matched to your own requirements. Available in a wide varietyof sizes and colours.

Light Emiting Diodes (LED)

The use of LED display signs in manufacturing, leaderboards on pylon signs, LED displays at events, outdoor signs in place of static billboards, some creating new types of outdoor signage, electronic signs are dynamic in their ability to take the electronic sign to a whole new level of uses. LED channel letters and signage can be purchased from a number of supply distributors, depending on the type you need. Illuminating channel letters used to always be done by neon, but LEDs are now emerging as an alternative source. The overall features of LED channel letters on display signs are high brightness, lower cost in terms of energy efficiency and long operation life.

Waterproof LED Light use:LED lights do use the word outdoor light, outdoor signs even demonstrated the brand and fashion, greatly enhance the size and grade of business. Mainly used for: building the roof of characters, signs outside the hotel, KTV and other entertainment signs, store signs, door signs, etc. first.

While many people assume the only means for creating a custom sign in a cost effective manner is the use of neon signage, a lightbox sign can not only be affordable, but canalso be completely customized to the exact specifications of your business’s brand andstyle. These signs can not only be used to share your name and logo, but can also showcase your services and promotions to the public. A popular misconception has beenthat using this tool is very expensive, but in truth, pricing is consistent with all other methods of signage.

An expertly crafted lightbox sign that is made specifically for your business can be either flush mounted or affixed to stand out from the fa?ade of your building or wall. Depending on your needs and style, these signs can be subtle or really make a tremendous impact.Colors, fonts, and styles are available with complete customization. With lettering that is litfrom behind and three-dimensional effects available, you can truly capture the attentionof current and potential consumers. First impressions can be your best means of marketingor they can be deadly—having the right signage can make all the difference in theworld.

If you are looking for affordable and durable safety signs, traffic signs, or parking signs 3DBintang is your source. With our selection of thousands of safety signs to choose from, youare sure to find signs that meet your requirements. Our specialty is in providing ourcustomers with high quality solutions to their safety sign needs. If we do not have exactlywhat you are looking for, we are happy to customize any safety sign.

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