About Us
3D Bintang Kejuruteraan Sdn Bhd is located at the hearts of Bandar Perda and Taman Emas Jalan Baru. We have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Currently 3D Bintang Kejuruteraan Sdn Bhd have 15 staff working together as a team to serve customer. 3D Bintang Kejuruteraan Sdn Bhd can assist small, medium and large corporation with designs and customer needs.

Other than that, this company maintain high standards, excellent customer service and high quality products. 3D Bintang Kejuruteraan Sdn Bhd is a main competitors for many advertising company.

We are a leading printing supplier, printing manufacturers laser cut, plasma cut, engraving or printers of flyer, leaflet, catalogue, corporate folder, paper bag, newsletter, annual report, brochure, book, name card, business card, bill book, computer form, label sticker, letterhead, magazine, corporate folder, notebook, poster, company profile, packaging box, postcard, calendar, greeting card, invitation card, voucher, pocket folder, greeting card, envelope, silk screen printing & hot stamping.

Vision & Mision
  • To provide our client with the best practices.
  • To create a corporate environment, which attract banner and retains the bet and brightest.
  • To maintain the highest level of integrity with our client, employees and partners.
  • To partner with the companies who provide the most value to our client.
  • To be unrelenting in our goals to optimize, manage and reduce all aspect of our client’s expenditures.
  • To develop proprietary system which to our partners and members.
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